Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum Members Global Humanitarian Assistance Initiative (GHAI)


The epidemic of COVID-19 escalates across the world. According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University (JHU), by 11:00 a.m. BJT on April 7th, the number of confirmed cases in the world exceeded 1.34 million and more than 70,000 people died. No one should stand by in this battle. General Secretary Xi Jinping also stressed explicitly that mankind is a community with a shared future and it is the most powerful weapon to work as a team in the combat against a foe that jeopardizes the safety of people in all countries.

At the beginning of the global fight against COVID-19, Guangchang GUO, Council member of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum and BOD Chairman of Fosun International Limited (FIL), proposed an initiative of donating through Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum medical supplies to major countries where the epidemic spreads rampantly, which received an enthusiastic response from among Chinese entrepreneurs, including Jack Ma, Dongsheng CHEN, Jun LEI, Yajun WU, Minhong YU and Baosen HU. On March 1, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum with FOSUN and companies concerned launched the “Global Humanitarian Assistance Initiative (GHAI)” jointly and the general attack against the epidemic started. The strong awareness and bold behaviors of Chinese private enterprises and entrepreneurs to act spontaneously, respond quickly and take on social responsibilities voluntarily are commendable and exciting.

In full implementation of GHAI, Fosun, a China-based enterprise with a global landscape, has been taking prompt actions to back up the global fight against the epidemic by emergently allocating resources from across the world through the global procurement network covering 23 countries. Up to now, dozens of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum member companies, including Longfor Group, Beijing Taikang Yicai Foundation, Baidu Group, Sequoia Capital, XDF Group, Xiaomi Group, Zall Group, Central China, Broad Group, Wuhan Dangdai Group, Committee of QIN 100, Hillhouse Capital, Zuo Dan Li Health Industry Group, CHNT Group, Delonghi Group, Timing Group and Easy PNP, among others, have been making efforts under the initiative, providing over 1.6 million medical protective supplies, such as medical protective clothing, medical facemasks, medical gloves, goggles, medical protective gloves and shoe covers, ventilators and nucleic acid test kits, among others, in dozens of kinds in nearly 20 batches for the U.S., Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Britain, France and other  countries where the disease spreads rapidly. The team for GHAI is growing, with just more companies coming to join.

According to incomplete statistics of the Secretariat of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, Yabuli Forum council member and partner companies under GHAI have donated approximately 36 million medical protective supplies to more than 140 countries and regions abroad. In the battle against the epidemic, members of Yabuli Forum have played a great role and made substantial contribution, which also demonstrated Yabuli Forum entrepreneurs’ global supply chain and portfolio capacity and their ability to donate money and supplies.

On April 1, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum Council member Jack MA said in his Weibo that “charity needs philanthropic minds and more philanthropic capacity”. He pointed out that the quality of the donations sent to frontlines of the battle against the epidemic, which had been spreading globally up to the present day, was matter of general concern and one of the matters that both Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation had been managed seriously from the very beginning of the donation. It is because of this great effort that the supplies we donated to frontline hospitals in China and more than 140 countries and regions abroad have neither met with any complaints of their quality or other problems from the recipient institutions nor refused by any country or institution. All online rumors are totally unfounded.

“Distance makes no separation and all countries share the same sky”. Whereas it is now a critical moment in the combat against COVID-19 and the entire world should unite as one and make every endeavor to win the battle, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum hereby proposes that more entrepreneurs take join the global effort and provide humanitarian support for countries severely affected by the epidemic to demonstrate the humanitarianism of Chinese entrepreneurs to the global community and pass the power and confidence of China to the world as a common effort to practice the concept of a shared future for the mankind. We will surely win the battle as long as we work together and provide support for each other.

Appendix: Global Humanitarian Assistance Information Overview

European Countries

Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation declared on March 30 that 800 additional ventilators together with 300,000 items of protective clothing and 300,000 protective masks will be sent via the Hangzhou-Liege lifeline at the fastest speed to frontline hospitals in European countries in urgent need of medical resources

On March 11, the first batch of donations from Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation to support the battle against COVID-19 in Europe arrived at Liege Airport in Belgium. The second batch also arrived at the same airport successfully on March 16.


On March 5 Milan Local Time, Fosun’s PAREF Team also donated 5,000 “Red-zone” level masks on behalf of Shanghai Fosun Foudnation to the municipal government of Milan.

On the night of March 14 BJT, 45,500 pieces of medical supplies, including 1,000  items of protective clothing with rubber strip seals, 1,500 items of medical protective clothing, 3,000 water-proof protective clothing and 40,000 N95 masks, donated by Forsun Foundation, together with Longfor Group and Beijing Taikang Yicai Foundation, to Italy arrived at Milan. These supplies will be allocated by Italian National Security Ministry to a number of hospitals in Lombardia where the epidemic goes most rampant.

+Photo: 45,500 Items of Medical Protective Supplies Arrived at Milan Malpensa International Airport

+Photo: A line of verse, “The Clouds Shine with the Rising Sun and Spring Time is Celebrated in All Countries”, is printed on the packaging boxes of the donated supplies sent to Italy

+Photo: A letter of thanks from Italian Mayor Giuseppe Sala

+Photo: Verses on the boxes of the donations accessed Sina Trending Topics after forwarding by CCTV News

On March 23 BJT, 25,000 items of medical protective supplies, including 400 pieces of protective clothing with rubber strip seals, 1,400 piece of medical protective clothing,  21,300 N95 protective masks (5,500 for entry to quarantine zones), 200 pairs of goggles and 1,600 pairs of medical gloves, among others, donated by Fosun Foundation with Longfor Group, Central China and other companies arrived Milan, which will be allocated directly to 8 local hospitals in severe shortage of such supplies: ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII, ATS Agenzia di tutela della salute di Bergamo and Policlinico San Pietro in Bergamo City, Lombardia; Assistenza Pubblica Parma Onlus and Avis Provinciale Parma in Palma, Emilia Romagna; Ospedale di Sassuolo in Sassuolo; Policlinico di Modena; and Associazione Provinciale di Soccorso Croce Bianca ODV in Trentino-Bolzano, Upper Adij.

+Photo: Representatives of local hospitals received the donations and sent them to the frontlines immediately

+Photo: “My life is closely tied to yours” and “Distance makes no separation and all countries share the same sky” were printed on the packaging boxes of the donated medical supplies in support of Italy


+Photo: Medical staff of a local hospital in Italy received the donations and expressed their gratitude

On March 25-26 BJT, the fourth batch, consisting of 1,500 items of medical supplies, from Fosun also arrived at Sardinia, Italy to support two local hospitals to combat the epidemic.

+Photo: On March 26, Doctor Giovanni in Sardinia received the masks donated by Fosun and wrote down a line of thanks in the Italian language

On March 30 BJT, the fifth batch of supplies donated by Fosun Foundation with Henan Timing Group was handed over successfully to doctors of the Brescia University Hospital at 17:51. As Italy newly introduced a regulation for staying home and no travel to other cities, the President of the University and the Dean of the Hospital entrusted the collection of the greatly needed 3M KN95 masks to Brescia city police and a police car was driven to Fosun’s local warehouse.

+Photo: Donations from Fosun and Henan Timing Group to Brescia University Hospital in Italy were handed over

1.8 million masks and 100,000 virus test kits raised by Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation will also arrive there soon on March 11 and be donated to Italy, Spain and other countries seriously assaulted by the epidemic.

On March 6, Xiaomi Group fulfilled its first international assistance by donating 30,000 European FFP 3 masks to Italy transported by air. A large number of masks, protective clothing items, goggles and other medical supplies (RMB 360,000 worth), were also ready to be donated to South Korea soon.

China Broad Group collaborates with Italy, Iran and other severely affected countries actively to provide full sets of equipment to combat the epidemic.


On March 14 BJT, the first batch of 85,500 items of medical protective supplies, including 80,000 masks and 5,500 items of medical protective clothing, both badly needed, from Fosun Foundation and Club Med, a France-based member company, as well as XDF Group and Zuo Dan Li Group are donated successfully to the AROA Health Administration of France.

+Photo: “Brotherhood is human and unity is universal” is printed on the packaging boxes of the supplies donated to France

+Photo: Laurent wauqiez, Chairman of AROA, France, expressed through Twitter gratitude for philanthropic support from companies under GHAI

On March 29 BJT, a total of 74,800 items of medical supplies, including 6,000 medical protective clothing, 60,800 surgical masks for medical purpose and 8,000 KN95 masks, were donated by Fosun Foundation together with the Foreign Affairs Office of Gansu Province to a number of medical institutions through the Beautiful Countryside Alliance of France for local control of the epidemic.

+Photo: Donations were on the way to the destination

+Photo: Donations arrived at the destination in France

On April 6 BJT, 8,950 pieces of medical protective supplies, including 8,500 3MKN95 masks and 450 items of medical clothing, were donated by Fosun Foundation jointly with the Committee of Qin 100, St. Hubert, Heaven Pictures, Longfor Group, Lanvin, ClubMed and the Chinese Alumni Association of Paris Institute of Political Studies to Angers Hospital and Nancy Hospital in France for the combat against the epidemic.

On March 17, Xiaomi Group donated the first batch of supplies, several tens of thousands of masks to France for the control of SARS-CoV-2. By March 26, Xiaomi Group had purchased nearly 2 million masks, pieces of protective clothing and other supplies at a total cost of more than RMB 12 million, including the logistic expenses. Delivery of most of the supplies has been fulfilled and the rest small amount will be sent off in one or two days.


On March 17, 11,400 pieces of medical supplies, including 3,400 items of protective clothing and 8,000 medical masks, donated by Fosun Foundation and Beijing Taikang Yicai Foundation arrived in Germany, which will be allocated to four major local hospitals where the epidemic spread madly.

+Photo: Donations arrived in Germany

On March 30 BJT, 37,040 pieces of medical supplies, including 32,000 medical masks and 5040 nucleic acid reagents, donated by Fosun Foundation together with Beijing Taikang Yicai Foundation and other companies arrived at Frankfort, Germany to be sent by ASB and the Ministry of Health of Germany to a number of hospitals which have run short of protective supplies.

+Photo: Post-it Notes on the boxes of medical supplies sent to Germany

+Photo: Supplies being handed over to Goethe University Frankfurt

+Photo: Representatives from ASB expressed gratitude in Chinese characters after having received the donated supplies


On March 25 BJT, 58,440 pieces of medical protective supplies, including 200 items of protective clothing, 53,000 medical masks, 200 pairs of goggles and 5,040 nucleic acid reagents, were donated by Fosun Foundation together with Haitong Securities, among others, to be rushed to all levels of medical institutions in Porto, Portugal.

+Photo: Ceremony of the donation of supplies to be rushed to Porto, Portugal

+Photo: The Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai People’s Government expresses gratitude to companies having made donations under GHAI

At 04:30 p.m. March 30 BJT and 09:30 a.m. March 30 Portuguese local time, a chartered airplane having departed from Shanghai with 12 tons of medical supplies, more than a million pieces, landed at Lisbon International Airport. The supplies consist of a total of 50,000 items of medical materials, including 38,000 KN95 masks, 5,000 medical protective masks for access to the “Red Zone” of the hospital, 3,000 items of protective clothing with rubber strip seals, 4,000 water-proof protective clothing and 20,000 nucleic acid test kits donated by Fosun Foundation together with its member companies in Portugal as well as a million KN95 masks procured by Luz Saúde, a member company of Fosun.


At 22:30 on March 20 BJT and 14:30 on March 20 London local time, the first batch consisting of 2,300 pieces of medical protective supplies, including 500 items of protective clothing with rubber strip seals for “Red Zones” only, 800 items of medical protective clothing and 1,000 N95 masks, donated by Fosun Foundation together with the Wolverhampton Wanderers to Britain was formally handed over to the Royal Wolverhampton NHS and New Cross Hospital, one of the largest critical care and community hospitals in West Midlands of Britain to provide protection for medical staff in the infected areas and ITUs and support local frontline medical professionals in their fight against the epidemic of COVID-19.


On April 2 BJT, 51,000 pieces of supplies, including 6,000 items of medical protective clothing, 5,000 3M civil-purpose masks and 40,000 surgical masks for medical purpose, donated by Fosun Foundation together with Central China, the Committee of Qin 100 as well as Heaven Pictures and Beijing Oriental Tianming Technology arrived in Spain to support Navarra Autonomous Region in its combat against the epidemic.

To provide assistance for Spain in the prevention and control of the disease, DDMC Culture decided recently to donate with subsidiary XinYing Sports, XinAi Sports and MBS, among others, as well as La Liga, 100,000 surgical masks for medical purpose to the Spanish Government. These masks were packed and shipped in China on March 25 and are estimated to arrive Spain on 28.

On March 11, 1.8 million masks and 100,000 virus test kits raised by Jack Mar Foundation and Alibaba Foundation will also arrive there soon and donated to Italy, Spain and other severely affected countries. The first batch of supplies to support the fight against the epidemic in Europe had arrived at Liege Airport in Belgium.

On the morning of March 18, 500,000 masks donated to Spain arrived Zaragoza after a 18-hour travel and 50,000 test kits to arrive there later.


On March 13, CHINT donated through CENIKAAS, a partner distributor, 5,000 medical masks, 5,000 disposable gloves and a number of protective clothing items and goggles to local hospitals in Lille, Norway.


On March 30, Fosun Foundation, together with GoldenBee, donated 5,500 masks to Brussel, Belgium.

+Photo: Stefan Crets, Executive Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Europe, on the left, and Jan Noterdaeme, co-founder of CSR Europe. “Our effort will help this goodwill from China to be released to the greatest extent possible in EU organizations.”

African Countries

On April 6, Jack Ma said through Weibo that the second batch of donations, including 500 ventilators, 1 million sets of virus sampling equipment and extraction reagents, 200,000 item so of protective clothing and masks, 2,000 forehead thermometers and 500,000 pairs of gloves for emergent medical and anti-epidemic purposes, by Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation had made its departure! The supplies will be sent to 54 African countries at the fastest speed.

On March 16, Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation decided to: firstly, donate 100,000 masks, 1,000 items of protective clothing and 1,000 protective masks to each of the 54 countries in Africa; secondly, to donate 20,000 test kits to each African countries; and thirdly, to cooperate with medical institutions in all African countries and provide online training materials on clinical treatment of COVID-19. All the 6 million masks, 1.1 million test kits, 60,000 items of protective clothing, 60,000 protective masks and other supplies will be sent to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, together.

DANGDAI Group and HumanWell Healthcare, a listed holding company, provided targeted donations, including 724,990 pieces of supplies worth RMB 3.55 million to Africa, covering Ethiopia, Mali and neighboring countries.

Asian Countries

Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation declared on March 19 that 2 million masks, 150,000 test kits, 20,000 items of protective clothing and 20,000 protective masks will be donated to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand in South-east Asia to support their combat against COVID-19.

On March 21, Jack Ma updated his personal Weibo and declared that Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation will donate a batch of medical supplies, including 1.8 million masks, 210,000 test kits, 36,000 items of protective clothing as well as ventilators, forehead thermometers and other medical and anti-epidemic supplies, to ten Asian countries, namely, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.


On March 6, the epidemic further worsened in Iran where the shortage of medical supplies was serious. Jack Ma Foundation has raised 1 million masks and will have them sent to Tehran.

Taikang Yicai Foundation, together with Zhejiang GuoWei Energy Co., Ltd., an alumni enterprise of Wuhan University, donated 130,000 pieces of medical protective supplies, including 11,000 nucleic acid reagents, 1,900 items of protective clothing, 5,000 medical separation masks and 110,000 masks of all kinds, worth RMB 2 million in total to Iran, which arrived Tehran, the Capital City of the country, at 05:50 March 15 BJT.

China Broad Group works actively with Italy, Iran and other countries severely affected by the disease to provide full sets of equipment in support of their fight against the epidemic.


On the afternoon of March 12 Mumbai local time, Fosun Foundation donated 5,000 medical masks for entry to the “Red Zones” only to India.

On April 6 BJT, Fosun Foundation, jointly with Gaoshan Capital, donated 19,968 nucleic acid test reagents to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

South Korea

On the evening of March 6 Seoul local time, Fosun Foundation donated 22,000 pieces of medical protective supplies to the Government of Seoul Special City, South Korea.

On March 25 BJT, Fosun Foundation, together with Longfor Group, donated 8,000 pieces of medical protective supplies, including 1,100 items of protective clothing and 6,900 medical masks, which will be sent to South Korea by air to support medical institutions in Taegu and North Gyeongsang Province, where medical supplies are terribly wanted.

+Photo: Medical supplies to be sent to South Korea

+Photo: Medical supplies arrived in South Korea

On March 5, Jack Ma Foundation declared that a million masks donated to South Korea have been in place in CAI NIAO’s warehouse, which will arrive in the destination at the fastest speed and be sent to those in need of them most.

On March 8, Broad Group signed a contract with Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) on cooperation in the construction of two hospitals of story-adding negative-pressure isolation wards and it is estimated that Seoul National University Hospital in Mungyeong will be delivered on April 27. Broad Group constructs two negative-pressure isolation ward hospitals in South Korea.

On March 12, a million masks donated to South Korea arrived at Inchon Port and were ready to be sent to all hospitals fighting against the epidemic in South Korea, with 440,000 to be allocated to medical staff first and the rest to families in need.

On March 13, the medical masks donated by CHINT to South Korea also arrived at the warehouse of the local distributor, which will be repacked and sent to the customers as soon as possible.

At 02:06 a.m. March 16 BJT, 45,000 pieces of medical protective supplies, including 1,950 items of protective clothing, 3,000 KF94 medical masks, 35,000 disposable medical masks, 200 pairs of goggles and 5,000 medical separation masks, donated by Taikang Yicai Foundation together with Wuhan University Alumni Entrepreneurs Association to South Korea landed at Inchon International Airport. These supplies were raised by Taikang Yicai Foundation from multiple parties within TAIKANG’s Greater Health Ecosystem to assist South Korea in its combat against the epidemic. This batch of supplies worth over RMB 1million will be collected by Republic of Korea National Red Cross and sent to the frontline against the epidemic in Taegu.

On the afternoon of March 16, the first batch of anti-epidemic supplies, including 200,000 medical masks, 100,000 3M masks, 10,000 items of protective clothing and 10,000 protective masks, among others, donated by Xiaomi Group and other Wuhan University Alumni enterprises, arrived in South Korea, with post-it notes expressing all best wishes and encouragements on the packages. (Total value is RMB 1.96 million)


On the morning of March 6, Hokkaido local time, the first 36,000 pieces of medical and protective supplies donated by Fosun Foundation to Japan was officially received by the General Administration of Hokkaido.

On March 18 BJT, 23,000 masks, including 1,000 masks for “Red Zones” only, 2,000 ordinary medical masks and 20,000 civil-purpose N95 masks, donated by Fosun Foundation together with XDF Group, IDERA and other companies arrived in Kobe, Japan to provide critical protection for the medical staff in all levels of medical institutions in the city. This assistance action will further strengthen the link between Kobe and Tianjin as twin cities.

+Photo: Supplies donated by companies under GHAI were being transported and allocated

+Photo: On March 18, supplies donated by companies under GHAI arrived in Kobe

+Photo: Vice May of Kobe posted on his personal FaceBook account to express gratitude to donating companie under GHAI

On April 1 BJT, 10,000 WINNER medical surgical masks donated by Fosun Foundation with Central China and IDERA arrived in Kyoto, Japan and will be delivered to the hospital affiliated to Kyoto University Hospital.

+Photo: Package of donated supplies printed with verses in praise of the traditional friendship between Japan and China

On March 2, Jack Ma Foundation donated 1 million masks to Japan, which were allocated by Mr. Toshihiro Nikai and Mr. Xiaosong JIANG to places where these masks were needed most.

On March 11, Jack Ma donated 120,000 KF94 masks, which will be sent to all levels of medical institutions in Japan, and the other 1million masks donated have been delivered to over 20 administrative divisions in Japan.


As a Chinese-funded company in Indonesia, DEXIN Steel responded actively and acted quickly in allocating all sorts of urgent anti-epidemic supplies as soon as possible to provide assistance for the Central Government of Indonesia to engage in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The first batch of supplies, including 10,000 nucleic acid test kits and 6,000 masks had arrived in the country recently. Nucleic acid test kits (Fluorescence PCR Method) can enable test results on novel coronavirus in 45 minutes, which will win the critical time window for the fight against the epidemic in Indonesia.


On March 22, a batch of emergency supplies consisting of 2 million masks, 400,000 test kits and 104 ventilators was donated by Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation to 24 Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominica and Peru.

Brazil, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Kenya, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria, Iraq, Vietnam… more and more global customers have received medical supplies donated by CHINT.

The United States

On March 13, Jack Ma posted on the social media that 500,000 test kits and 1 million masks raised by Ali had been ready to set off for the United States as a donation to the American people.

The first batch of medical supplies, consisting of 35,700 N95 masks, were donated by Fosun Foundation with Longfor Group to 10 hospitals in New York, Boston and the Silicon Valley, namely, NYU Langone Hospital, Mount Sinai Health System, RWJ Barnabas Health, Flagler Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Stanford Medical Center, NYC Health+Hospitals/Harlem, White Plains Hospital Medical Center and Sutter Health. The second batch, consisting of 4,800 DaSheng N95 masks and 200 items of protective clothing (FDA-certified and NOISH-accredited) donated to three hospitals in the United States is scheduled to depart on the night of April 3.

Weijia WANG, ChinaEquity Group’s Founding Partner, donated USD 50,000 (about RMB 350,000) to local hospital of the Silicon Valley in the United States for procurement of masks and other protective supplies, with the first batch, consisting of 2,000 masks, having been sent to Stanford Hospital together with supplies from Longfor Group recently. The next batch, consisting of 4,000 masks, to Sutter Health, another medical group in the Silicon Valley, will soon be delivered from China.

+Photo: Representatives from Stanford Hospital receiving the donated supplies

On April 2 BJT, 200 masks donated urgently by Fosun Foundation with Longfor Group to Sutter Health had reached their destination. “The entire medical team, including our doctors, nurses and the staff, is greatly thankful to Fosun Foundation for its donation. It will help us to provide the best treatment for our patients in this extremely challenging period of time. The sincerest thanks to you again!” – Dr. Joseph Andresen, Sutter Health Palo Alto Hospital of the United States.

+Doctor Joseph Andresen receives the donated masks and expresses gratitude

GHAI Contributions (in RMB)

Yabuli Forum Council members and partner companies join the Global Humanitarian Assistance Initiative (GHAI) enthusiastically, with RMB 8 million contributed by Longfor Group, RMB 4 million by Taikang Yicai Foundation, RMB 1 million by XDF Group and Central China respectively, RMB 500,000 by the Committee of Qin 100, RMB 300,000 by Timing Group, RMB 580,000 by Zuo Dan Li Group and RMB 800,000 by Oriental Tianming and HEAVEN PICTURES. Easy PNP donated 10,000 medical masks for exporting exclusively to Fosun Foundation, which will be procured and allocated abroad through Fosun’s Global Procurement Network. Weijia WANG, ChinaEquity Group’s Founding Partner, donated USD 50,000 (about RMB 350,000) to local hospital of the Silicon Valley in the United States for procurement of masks and other protective supplies.

( to be continued )