Entrepreneurs to Increase Investment in Tianjin


Fourteen leading entrepreneurs from the China Entrepreneurs Forum, also known as the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, gathered in North China's Tianjin on April 27 to discuss their investment and development plans in the coastal city.

Li Hongzhong, secretary of the CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee, Zhang Guoqing, deputy secretary of the CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee and mayor of Tianjin, and Yin Hejun, deputy secretary of the CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee, joined the gathering and held talks with the entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs brainstormed their insights on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia and economic and social development, saying that they have full confidence in Tianjin's development as the city's business environment has continued to improve in recent years.

New Hope Group Chairman Liu Yonghao: New Hope Group will continue to increase investment in Tianjin

Liu Yonghao, the rotating chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum and chairman of New Hope Group, said putting forward the concept of "Entrepreneurs First" has shown the great courage of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the Tianjin Municipal Government under the new round of economic development and represents their encouragement, support and care for entrepreneurs. He said New Hope Group will seek more cooperation with Tianjin and continue to increase investment in the city. "We are very optimistic about Tianjin's development," said Liu.

Taikang Insurance Group Chairman and CEO Chen Dongsheng: A good business environment brings entrepreneurs together in Tianjin

Chen Dongsheng, president of Yabuli China Entrepreneur Forum and chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group, said the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the Tianjin Municipal Government attach great importance to business environment improvement and have introduced a series of policies to promote the development of enterprises in recent years. The entrepreneurs came to exchange ideas on Tianjin's development because of the city's excellent business environment.

Delong Holdings Board Chairman Ding Liguo: Delong to invest another 6 billion yuan in 2020

"We plan to invest another 6 billion yuan ($846.62 million) this year," said Ding Liguo, chairman of the board of Delong Holdings. Also chairman of Tianjin Xintiangang Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Ding said he is fully confident in the development of 2020. Delong invested nearly 2 billion yuan in Tianjin in 2019. The increase of investment this year comes from the company's strong confidence in Tianjin's economic development, Ding added.

Wantong Group Founder and Yufeng Group Chairman Feng Lun: Go forward along with Tianjin

Feng Lun, founder of Wantong Group and chairman of Yufeng Group, said: "The new urban area in Tianjin is emerging and developing. As Tianjin has her unique charm, we have been following her steps." Paying attention to the health area, Feng said some changes have taken place in the digital economy and medical health fields, which is his focus as he seeks cooperation opportunities in Tianjin.

Wumart President Zhang Bin: Sales of 120 Wumart stores in Tianjin increase by nearly 40 percent

Zhang Bin, president of Wumart Group, said the 120 stores and two logistics centers in Tianjin saw sales increase by nearly 40 percent. Wumart has improved its ability to serve Tianjin and contributed efforts to ensure price stability in the city. Zhang also introduced Dmall, a comprehensive digital platform in cooperation with Wumart. Zhang said Tianjin is close to Beijing and has rich technological resources, and Wumart hopes to apply its scientific and technological power in Tianjin to promote the development of the entire consumer market.

Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum Secretary-General Zhang Hongtao: A good business environment reassures entrepreneurs

Tianjin is the first stop of a series of exchange activities of entrepreneurs from Yabuli Forum, said Zhang Hongtao, Secretary-General of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum. "Enterprises decided to come to Tianjin first because they have trust in the city. Tianjin has achieved very good results by taking active and effective measures during the prevention and control of the epidemic. To help private enterprises overcome difficulties, Tianjin has also launched measures and polices to support enterprises and won their recognition with its good business environment."

Other entrepreneurs discussed globalization, expanding domestic demand, and how entrepreneurs play a role in the public health system.

Optimistic about the future of Tianjin, forum participants said they hope to share the opportunities brought by Tianjin's high-quality development and will make further investment in the city.

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