Youth Forum


With the advent of the Internet era coming, the traditional industries and emerging industries both have joined the tide of Internet. Some people say that all the industries will be becoming the “Internet”, the young people born in 80- 90 are the most familiar with the Internet generation. From the PC to the intelligent mobile phone, the younger generation has witnessed the development of mobile Internet, has the most direct sense and experience, with the most innovative thinking and perspective. "Independent thinking and the courage to subvert" is the symbol of the young generation.
The young generation generally received good education, with globalization thinking, the different insights from the older generation of entrepreneurs for the industry to grasp the trend of enterprise innovation in the market economy environment competition.
After stepping into the society, young generation of entrepreneurs has been highly concerned by the capital market, has gradually become the main force contribution of entrepreneurship in all walks of life, contributes an important force for economic and social development.
Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum continued attention to the young generation of entrepreneurs, every year on the Yabuli forum annual meeting, summer summit meeting has a dedicated sub forum, invited the young talents, to discuss business ideas and opportunities in the new era.

In order to provide the young generation more opportunities for exchange and stage show, let the creative thinking in the bloom of the young generation, cohesion stronger impetus for social development, emerge as the times require Yabuli Innovation Forum.

June 14 - 15



The 5th Innovation Annual Meeting of Yabuli Youth Forum

Theme: Smart Future
Venue: Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

June 22 - 23



The 4th Innovation Annual Meeting of Yabuli Youth Forum

Theme: One in All, All in One

Venue: Hong Kong

June 14 - 15



The 3rd Innovation Annual Meeting of Yabuli Youth Forum

Theme: Embracing the Age of Intelligence - Technology and Morality

Venue: Yangzhou Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City

June 14 - 15



The 2nd Innovation Annual Meeting of Yabuli Youth Forum

Theme: Innovation and Sharing - The Youth How to Lead the Future

Venue: Anqing

June 14 - 15



The 1st Innovation Annual Meeting of Yabuli Youth Forum

Theme: Entrepreneurship and Internet+

Venue: Huangshan