Director Council

  • Mingkang LIU

    Former Honorary President (2013-2018);
    China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) Former Chairman

  • Yuxin DU

    Honorary President;
    Heilongjiang Provincial CPPCC Committee Former Chairman

  • Wenzhong ZHANG

    Chairman of DMALL; Founder of Beijing Wumart Group
    2021 Rotating Chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

  • Dongsheng CHEN

    Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance group Inc.;
    Chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF)

  • Lawrence Y. (Yuan) TIAN

    Founding Partner of YuanMing Capital;
    Founder and President of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF)

  • Luming AI

    Chairman of Wuhan Dangdai Science&Technology Industries(Group)Co.Ltd

  • Adam Keswick

    Chairman of Matheson & Co., Limited in London

  • Xingcheng CAO

    Honorary Chairman of United Microelectronics Corporation

  • Jianxin CHE

    Chairman of Red Star Macalline Group Co.,Ltd.

  • Qiwei CHEN

    Founding Partner and Chairman of ABC Capital

  • Xianbao CHEN

    Chairman of Supervisory Board of Beijing ZJS Express Co., Ltd.,

  • James J. (Jian) DING

    Managing Director of GSR Ventures

  • Liguo DING

    the Originator of the Group and Chairman of the Board of Delong group

  • Lun FENG

    Chairman of Yufeng (F&E) Capital Holdings Co. , Ltd.

  • Guangchang GUO

    Chairman of Fosun Group

  • Wei GUO

    Chairman and Executive Director of Digital China

  • Mark J.H (Jiahwan) HAN

    Chairman of the Board of Global Food (Asia) Limited

  • Kaikeung Ho

    Chairman of Guangdong Chant(Group)Co., LTD

  • Qi HONG

    Chairman of the Board of China Minsheng Bank

  • Baosen HU

    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Central China Real Estate Limited

  • Fred Z.L. (Zuliu) HU

    Chairman of Primavera Capital Group

  • Ming JIANG

    Founder and Chairman of Tianming

  • Jun LEI

    Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Corporation

  • Tomson D.S. (Dongsheng) LI

    Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation

  • Jianguang LI

    Partner of IDG Technology Venture Investment

  • Charles X.J. (Xiaojia) LI

    Chief Executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

  • Robin Y.H.(Yanhong) LI

    Founder, Chairman and CEO of Baidu

  • Zhe LI

    Fouder and Chairman of the Board of Lvcgroup

  • Antony K.C. (Kamchung) LEUNG

    Chief Executive Officer of Nan Fung Development Ltd.

  • Daoming LIU

    Chairman of Myhome Real Estate Development Group Co.,LTD

  • Donghua LIU

    Founder of Beijing Zhisland Information&Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • Jiren LIU

    Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Group

  • Xiaoguang LIU

    Former Chairman of Beijing Capital Group Co., Ltd.

  • Yonghao LIU

    Chairman of New Hope Group

  • Vincent H.S. (Hongseoi) LO

    Chairman of Shuion Group
    Chairman of HongKong Trade Development Council

  • Jack Y. (Yun) MA

    Chairman of Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Zhenhua MAO

    Founder and Chief Economist of China Cheng Xin Credit Management Co., Ltd.

  • Hongbing MIAO

    President of Beijing White Collar Fashion CO.,LTD.

  • Cunhui NAN

    Chairman of Chint Group Co., Ltd.

  • Shiyi PAN

    Chairman of SOHO (China) Co., Ltd.

  • Neil N.P. (Nanpeng) SHEN

    Global Steward of Sequoia Capital

  • Edward S.N. (Suning) TIAN

    Chairman of China Broadband Capital Partners LP

  • Chaoyong WANG

    Founding Chairman and CEO of ChinaEquity Group

  • Linpeng WANG

    Chairman of Beijing EASYHOME Investment Holding Group Co.,Ltd.

  • Bing WANG

    Chairman of AIYOU Foundation

  • Junhao WANG

    President of Junyao Group Co., Ltd.

  • Shi WANG

    Honorary President of China Vanke CO.,LTD

  • Wei WANG

    Chairman of China M&A Group

  • Victor W.J. (Weijia) WANG

    Founding and Managing Partner of CEG Ventures

  • Yusuo WANG

    Founder and Chairman of the Board of ENN Group.

  • Zhentao WANG

    Chairman of China Aokang Group Co., Ltd.

  • Zhongjun WANG

    Chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation

  • Zimu WANG

    Chairman and CEO of Huatai Insurance Group Co.Ltd

  • Yajun WU

    Chairman of Longfor Properties Co Ltd

  • Ying WU

    Chairman of China Capital Group

  • Kegang WU

    Chairman of Yunnan Wine Industry

  • Ming XIE

    Chairman of Sichuan Development Pure Grain Original Wine Equity Investment Fund

  • Ruiguo XUAN

    Chairman of China Automation Group

  • Andrew Y. (Yan) YAN

    the Founding Managing Partner of SAIF

  • Andy Z. (Zhi) YAN

    President of Zall Holdings Co.Ltd.

  • Yuanqing YANG

    Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group

  • Michael M.H. (Minghong) YU

    Chairman of New Oriental Education&Technology Group

  • Peggy Y. (Yu) YU

    Chairman of Dangdang

  • Feng YU

    Chairman of Yunfeng Fund Sponsors

  • Shan YU

    Producer of Chinese Media Organizations

  • Edward Q. (Qiang) ZENG

    Founding Partner of Investment Management Ltd. Beijing Xin root

  • Lei ZHANG

    Chairman and CEO of Hillhouse Capital Management Limited

  • Liping ZHANG

    Chairman in Greater China and Senior Managing Director of The Blackstone Group(HK) Limited

  • Shuxin ZHANG

    Chairman of United and American Express Holdings Ltd

  • Weiying ZHANG

    Professor of Peking University Guanghua School of Management;
    Chief Economist of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

  • Jim X.S. (Xingsheng) ZHANG

    Chief Representative of AP Region of The Nature Conservancy;
    Founding Partner of DT Venture Partners

  • Yue ZHANG

    Chairman of Broad Group

  • Changjia ZHAO

    Chairman of Changjia Group International Holdings Limited

  • Min ZHAO

    Chairman and Founder of Adfaith

  • Joe C.J. (Chengjian) ZHOU

    Chairman of the Board of Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion & Accessories CO.,LTD

  • Changning ZHU

    Board Chairman of Suzhou Grand Investment Group ,INC. (GIG)

  • Lefei LIU

    Chairman and CEO of CPE

  • Youbin LENG

    Chairman of China Feihe

( in alphabetical order by Directors' surname )