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As one of the most influential platform for Chinese entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, Yabuli CEF was founded in 2001, the eve of China's entry into WTO, to study and identify the impact of China's accession to WTO on Chinese businesses on one hand and to establish a bastion for Chinese entrepreneurs to work together and overcome hardships on the other.

Yabuli CEF is the home of Chinese entrepreneurs' associations, which has contributed, more or less, to the creation and development of China Urban Realty Association (CURA), Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology Conservation (SEE Conservation), Digital China, China Entrepreneur Club (CEC), China Enterprise Institute (CEI) and Future Forum, among others.

The most distinctive feature of Yabuli CEF, as her logo, "Ideas Changes the World", suggest, is the fact that a wide variety of original ideas in the business world in the latest 20 years had stemmed from Yabuli, a non-profit institution playing a pivotal role in making the concept of market and entrepreneurship widely accepted, with the banner of market economy held high in one hand and the flag of entrepreneurship held firmly in the other.

Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum has so far held a large number of activities and events, including 19 annual meetings, 15 summer summit meetings, 10 China-U.S. Business Leaders Roundtable and 5 Bund Global Financial Summits, among others.

As the "A Chinese Davos", Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum is bound to evolve into the "A Global Yabuli" as Chinese entrepreneurs keep going out onto the international arena and foreign entrepreneurs' attention and participation keep growing.

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