Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

Chinese Entrepreneur Idea Exchange Platform

Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF) is a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas. It always adheres to positive energy, creativity and constructiveness. The purpose of the forum is to help and care about the growth of more emerging enterprises and entrepreneurs, and to promote entrepreneurs to become an important construction force for society and the country.

CEF is a member of the group directly under the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Origin - Grassroots, Community - Oriented, Market

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month of 2001,a group of grassroots entrepreneurs convened in Yabuli to build a platform on which to share their thoughts and expertise; this stage for innovation grew to become CEF. In the following two decades, CEF–an independent organization –served as a mouthpiece for other grassroots entrepreneurs while dedicating itself to truth sans embellishments. Attracting groups of founders and scholars, CEF’s influence and appeal will continue on for decades to come.

Form - Open, Casual, Diversified

CEF provides a space where for malities in dress and speech are omitted, and where all members can engage in casual conversations or heated debates, freely enter or exit venues, and discuss business with friends and colleagues over a cup of coffee.

Ideals - Equal, Inclusive, Responsible

CEF members are not restricted by authority or ultimate truths. Instead, they are encouraged to address their disagreements, persuade their oppositions, challenge their peers, and communicate their opinions.

Value – Learning, Driving Force, Thought

From business concepts to personal values, from practical considerations to past experiences, and from personal goals to societal objectives, Chinese entrepreneurs seek to understand every aspect and detail to the development of a successful business. At CEF, the stage is set for them to share their thinking, learn from the stories of others, identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and grow to be more knowledgeable and thoughtful leaders in their fields year after year.