Director Council ( in alphabetical order by Directors' surname; by 2020 )

Mingkang LIU

Former Honorary President (2013-2018);China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) Former Chairman

Yuxin DU

Honorary President;Heilongjiang Provincial CPPCC Committee Former Chairman

Wenzhong ZHANG

Chairman of DMALL; Founder of Beijing Wumart Group2021 Rotating Chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

Dongsheng CHEN

Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance group Inc.;Chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF)

Lawrence Y. (Yuan) TIAN

Founding Partner of YuanMing Capital;Founder and President of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF)

Luming AI

Chairman of Wuhan Dangdai Science&Technology Industries(Group)Co.Ltd

Adam Keswick

Chairman of Matheson & Co., Limited in London

Xingcheng CAO

Honorary Chairman of United Microelectronics Corporation

Jianxin CHE

Chairman of Red Star Macalline Group Co.,Ltd.

Qiwei CHEN

Founding Partner and Chairman of ABC Capital

Xianbao CHEN

Chairman of Supervisory Board of Beijing ZJS Express Co., Ltd.,

James J. (Jian) DING

Managing Director of GSR Ventures

Liguo DING

the Originator of the Group and Chairman of the Board of Delong group


Chairman of Yufeng (F&E) Capital Holdings Co. , Ltd.

Guangchang GUO

Chairman of Fosun Group


Chairman and Executive Director of Digital China

Yingxin GAO

Chairman of the Board of China Minsheng Bank

Mark J.H (Jiahwan) HAN

Chairman of the Board of Global Food (Asia) Limited

Kaikeung Ho

Chairman of Guangdong Chant(Group)Co., LTD


Honorary Director of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

Baosen HU

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Central China Real Estate Limited


Chairman and Party Secretary of Wuhan Guide Infrared Co., Ltd.

Fred Z.L. (Zuliu) HU

Chairman of Primavera Capital Group


Founder and Chairman of Tianming

Lefei LIU

Chairman and CEO of CPE


Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Corporation


Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board Group Ltd.

Tomson D.S. (Dongsheng) LI

Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation

Jianguang LI

Partner of IDG Technology Venture Investment

Charles X.J. (Xiaojia) LI

Chief Executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Robin Y.H.(Yanhong) LI

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Baidu

Zhe LI

Fouder and Chairman of the Board of Lvcgroup

Antony K.C. (Kamchung) LEUNG

Chief Executive Officer of Nan Fung Development Ltd.

Daoming LIU

Chairman of Myhome Real Estate Development Group Co.,LTD

Donghua LIU

Founder of Beijing Zhisland Information&Technology Co.,Ltd.

Jiren LIU

Former Chairman of Beijing Capital Group Co., Ltd.

Xiaoguang LIU

Former Chairman of Beijing Capital Group Co., Ltd.

Youbin LENG

Chairman of China Feihe

Yonghao LIU

Chairman of New Hope Group

Vincent H.S. (Hongseoi) LO

Chairman of Shuion GroupChairman of HongKong Trade Development Council

Jack Y. (Yun) MA

Chairman of Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhenhua MAO

Founder and Chief Economist of China Cheng Xin Credit Management Co., Ltd.

Hongbing MIAO

President of Beijing White Collar Fashion CO.,LTD.

Cunhui NAN

Chairman of Chint Group Co., Ltd.

Shiyi PAN

Chairman of SOHO (China) Co., Ltd.

Lixin SONG

Chairwoman of the Board of Ying Cai Yuan Investment Management Co.,Ltd.

Neil N.P. (Nanpeng) SHEN

Global Steward of Sequoia Capital

Edward S.N. (Suning) TIAN

Chairman of China Broadband Capital Partners LP

Chuanfu WANG

Chairman and President of BYD Company Limited

Chaoyong WANG

Founding Chairman and CEO of ChinaEquity Group

Linpeng WANG

Chairman of Beijing EASYHOME Investment Holding Group Co.,Ltd.


Chairman of AIYOU Foundation

Junhao WANG

President of Junyao Group Co., Ltd.


Honorary President of China Vanke CO.,LTD


Chairman of China M&A Group

Victor W.J. (Weijia) WANG

Founding and Managing Partner of CEG Ventures

Yusuo WANG

Founder and Chairman of the Board of ENN Group.

Zhentao WANG

Chairman of China Aokang Group Co., Ltd.

Zhongjun WANG

Chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation


Chairman and CEO of Huatai Insurance Group Co.Ltd

Yajun WU

Chairman of Longfor Properties Co Ltd

Ying WU

Chairman of China Capital Group

Kegang WU

Chairman of Yunnan Wine Industry

Ming XIE

Chairman of Sichuan Development Pure Grain Original Wine Equity Investment Fund

Ruiguo XUAN

Chairman of China Automation Group

Andrew Y. (Yan) YAN

the Founding Managing Partner of SAIF

Andy Z. (Zhi) YAN

President of Zall Holdings Co.Ltd.

Yuanqing YANG

Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group

Michael M.H. (Minghong) YU

Chairman of New Oriental Education&Technology Group

Peggy Y. (Yu) YU

Chairman of Dangdang

Feng YU

Chairman of Yunfeng Fund Sponsors

Shan YU

Producer of Chinese Media Organizations

Edward Q. (Qiang) ZENG

Founding Partner of Investment Management Ltd. Beijing Xin root


Chairman and CEO of Hillhouse Capital Management Limited

Liping ZHANG

Chairman in Greater China and Senior Managing Director of The Blackstone Group(HK) Limited

Shuxin ZHANG

Chairman of United and American Express Holdings Ltd

Weiying ZHANG

Professor of Peking University Guanghua School of Management;Chief Economist of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

Jim X.S. (Xingsheng) ZHANG

Chief Representative of AP Region of The Nature Conservancy;Founding Partner of DT Venture Partners


Chairman of Broad Group

Changjia ZHAO

Chairman of Changjia Group International Holdings Limited


Chairman and Founder of Adfaith

Changning ZHU

Board Chairman of Suzhou Grand Investment Group ,INC. (GIG)