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China's Enterprises under the Big Exam

The 16th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The impact of the new coronavirus on normal production, operations and social functioning puts companies to a life and death test; the rise of anti-globalization ideology makes companies' foreign trade and internationalization full of uncertainties. The transformation and upgrading of the Chinese economy is even testing the wisdom and intelligence of companies. How to deal with this big test is the key to the survival of companies and, more importantly, the development of the Chinese economy. We believe that the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, insistence on innovation and win-win cooperation will make this great test an opportunity for Chinese enterprises and even the Chinese economy to take off again.

Collaboration · Integration · Win-win

The 15th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The theme of the summer summit is "Cooperation - Integration - Win-Win". In recent years, with the development of productive forces, technological progress and the deepening of the international division of labor. The economic ties between countries and regions of the world have become increasingly close, and the interdependence between economies has deepened, further accelerating the process of global economic integration. Especially driven by the rapid development of information technology and digital technology, the scope and depth of global economic integration has been unprecedentedly accelerated, and the wave of cooperation and development has flourished, showing an unstoppable and irreversible trend. Facing the new development pattern, what kind of development strategy should enterprises adopt and what kind of cooperative attitude should they adopt to stand in the trend of the times?

China’s Economy: Original Aspiration and Relaunch

The 14th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The first step of reform 40 years ago opened a new chapter in China's economic history. Reform and opening up will also require continuous innovation and then relaunch. This year, we hold a summer summit in Jiangxi, the first step taken by the Chinese Communist Party. Innovation, "zero to zero", risk-taking, courage and determination are closely linked to the entrepreneurial spirit, while brothers and sisters are closely linked to the spirit of Jinggang Mountain. Looking back at the first steps of the Communist Party of China is an affirmation of the first steps towards the reform and relaunch of the Chinese economy.

Stable and Robust Reform of China’s Economy——New Impetus for the Belt and Road Initiative

The 13th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

"Making progress while maintaining stability" means promoting supply-side structural reforms in a stable context, consolidating the underlying trend of stability and improvement, and opening a new chapter of stable reforms. Seeking new momentum for China's economy on a stable basis is the best way to address economic risks and uncertainties.

China’s Economy Under the Macro-History

The 12th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

China is a new emerging economic power today, but in the historical territory of the world economy, China has occupied an important position for a long time. The summit hopes to show the future of China's economy by shaping the big history. So that we can temporarily reduce the downlink of China economy with more inspiration, eliminate the short-term difficulties doubts, and build up strong faith to create a better tomorrow.

The World Large Market——‘One Belt One Road’ and Yangtze River Economic Belt

The 11th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The "Belt and Road" refers to the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road". The Belt and Road and the Yangtze River Economic Belt can promote the better development of the whole Chinese economy. This is an important strategic decision for China to implement the "One Belt, One Road" strategy and build the "Yangtze River Economic Belt" based on the golden waterway. In addition, the "new normal" economy means that China needs to be closely connected to external markets. In recent years, the Chinese government and companies have taken a number of measures to demonstrate this future trend. The new Silk Road, both by land and by sea, will connect to a wider “World Mega Market" and become a new arena for the Chinese government and companies.

The Motivation of Sustainable Growth

The 10th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

China's economy is entering its "second quarter". It is growing at a low to medium rate rather than a high rate. The habits, knowledge and perceptions developed during the boom are no longer compatible with the new situation. The current economic downturn requires "new growth prospects", which will generate patience. Patience is the key and prerequisite for economic reform. The "new growth outlook" includes, but is not limited to: where does growth come from? How do we see the relationship between the downturn and reforms? How can growth be stabilized from economic reforms?
Reviewing the development of entrepreneurship in China over the past 30 years, we aim to examine the relationship between entrepreneurs and economic development in order to develop better policies and environments for Chinese businesses.

Action Force and The Chinese Reform——From The ‘All-Round Contract System’ to ‘New Urbanization’

The 9th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The increased competition in the financial industry heralds a new financial era. China's economic growth has shifted from relying on resource inputs to improving resource allocation efficiency and innovation, i.e., focusing on increasing total factor productivity, which determines the strategic direction and path of traditional financial sector reform. The marketization of interest rates and exchange rates is the main way to reform the property rights of financial institutions, improve the financial system, deleverage, and protect the rights and interests of financial consumers as the main breakthrough of the new round of reform. The inevitable development of the traditional financial system will profoundly change the landscape of the traditional financial industry.

China’s Enormous Market——From the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta to the Center Triangle

The 8th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

China's economy must shift from coastal-led growth to coastal and centralized economic growth, more balanced growth in the west. Building a large Chinese market is predicated on recognizing the true potential of China's domestic market. The development of the central and western markets is a central step in the transformation of the Chinese economy.Both the "Pearl River Delta" and the "Yangtze River Delta" were once the most important growth poles of the Chinese economy. The transformation of China's economy means that the baton of this growth pole needs to be passed on to the central and western parts of the country, such as the "middle triangle". This year's Summer Summit in Yabuli will complete the explanation of China's economic transformation by comparing the "Pearl River Delta", the "Yangtze River Delta" and the "Middle Delta".

New Opportunities New Business New Industry——Seek Common Understanding for Development

The 7th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

What are the driving forces that attract investment from around the world? For example, how does the momentum of the capital economic circle play out and create a regional competitive advantage? What is the relationship between economic development and people's well-being? What role should governments play in economic development? What kind of government services do enterprises need? How is the relationship between government and enterprises positioned? How to achieve the harmonious development of economy, environment and culture in the development of the Capital Economic Circle?

Entrepreneurial Ideological Quality and Modern Commercial Civilization

The 6th Summer Summit of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

Among the civilizations created by human beings, commercial civilization is always associated with commercial wealth. And when the material wealth develops to a certain degree, the commercial civilization will form a high degree of spiritual civilization. In the 21st century, with the rapid increase of material wealth in society, modern industries, agriculture and commerce are facing the problem of building a modern commercial civilization. But how should we define modern commercial civilization? What kind of connotation should it include? In the process of building modern commercial civilization, what should enterprises do as market subjects? What should entrepreneurs do? How to exert the influence of their ideas?

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