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Promote the Entrepreneurial Spirit Concentrate on High-quality Development

The 23rd Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

Forge Ahead Together, For High-Quality and Mutual Development

22nd Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

In 2021, COVID-19 wreaked havoc around the world, having no sign of coming to an end. The world is undergoing the greatest change in a century and is full of turbulence and transformation, and the situation is getting more severe and complex, the prospects of recovery of the major economies are also unknown. However, China has built a well-off society in an all-round way, calmly coped with the greatest change in the century and the epidemic, and set a good start for the 14th Five-Year Plan!

2022 is thestart of the second Centenary Goal. Facing a new macro environment and situation, how can enterprises, especially private enterprises, grasp the new connotation of "seeking progress while maintaining stability"? How to stimulatethe vitality of market entities, realize high-quality development and promote “common prosperity” under the new development pattern?These are important topics that entrepreneurs shouldface and explore. The more difficult the time is, the better the entrepreneurs should be as the helmsman of the enterprise-- forging ahead, daring to innovate, facing challenges firmly, and conveying confidence, courage and responsibility!

Since its establishment in 2001, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum has always adhered to positive energy, constructiveness and creativity, and is committed to building a platform for entrepreneurs exchanging thoughts. Over the past two decades, the development of YabuliForum is not only the epitome of China's economic development and China's rise, but also the epitome of the vigorous development of Chinese entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

Enable a New Beginning in the Big Change

21st Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

In 2021, the Yabuli Forum will begin its third decade. Looking back on the past two decades, we have always been positive, constructive, creative, and committed to building a platform for exchanging ideas among entrepreneurs. The history of the Yabuli Forum is a microcosm of China's economic development, the rise of China, and the thriving and radiant growth of Chinese entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

Innovation through Opening, Transformation by Reforming

20th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The Covid-19 epidemic was sweeping the world and the anti-globalization wave was intensifying. China's economy and Chinese enterprises were facing the test of the century. Only by insisting on reform, innovation, openness and cooperation, unwavering trust in the market, belief in globalization, innovation and openness, and reform and transformation can we pass the great test and be reborn.

Facing Up to Challenges with Firmness and Confidence - The New Trajectory of China's Reform and Opening

The 19th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

In 2019, facing a new trajectory of reform and liberalization, and new major social contradictions, entrepreneurs needed to become bolder in facing the challenges and continued to explore and conclude their own explorations in practice. We firmly believed that after 40 years of exploration, struggle and accumulation, entrepreneurs had the ability and capacity to solve the nascent problems on this new trajectory and continued to carry out reforms until the ultimate goal.

Entrepreneurship in the New Era –  The Four Decades of Reform and Opening-up

The 18th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

To commemorate the forty years of reform and opening up, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum takes “entrepreneurship” as its perspective. According to its limitations, entrepreneurship can be distributed both within and outside the system, in different industries and in productive or non-productive areas. From the perspective of "entrepreneurship", the history of reform and opening up represented four decades of constant change, innovation and creative limitations.

Economic Transition and Entrepreneurial Innovation

The 17th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The economic slowdown had forced the economy to shift from a crude to an intensive one and from an imitation-oriented to an innovation-oriented one. In a market economy, enterprises and entrepreneurs played a leading role in innovation, including technological innovation, business model innovation and institutional innovation. Entrepreneurs had to face not only factor costs but also institutional costs. Over the past 30 years, we had been impressed by the infinite wisdom of Chinese entrepreneurs in facing these two types of costs. We need to learn from the lessons of the past and look to the future.

Entrepreneurs: Confidence and Motivation

The 16th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

Entrepreneurs are the most optimistic people, investing in the invisible and unpredictable future. The safest way to assess social and economic prospects is to judge the confidence and motivation of entrepreneurs. The Yabuli Forum has been working on this area of research and has accumulated a wealth of data that, together with real-world facts, helps to reveal how entrepreneurs build confidence.

Market, Rule of Law and Innovation

The 15th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The rule of law is the foundation of the market and the guarantee of a well-ordered market; enterprises are the leading market players and the mode of operation of the market; enterprises are the subjects of innovation, and innovation determines the ability of economic entities to sustain growth. The market is based on the rule of law, enterprises are the mode of operation, and the ability to innovate is the core driver. The 15th Annual Conference of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum 2015 used rule of law, enterprise and innovation to look at economic entities and to pool wisdom and efforts to improve China's market economy.

The Determining Effects of Market Force-Conception and Action

The 14th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

It was pointed out in the bulletin of The Third Conference of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, that reform of the economic system is the focus of comprehensive deepening reform. The central issue is to find an appropriate way to manage the relationship between the government and the market, so that the market can take decisive action in resource allocation and the government can govern better. There is only a literal difference between fundamental and deterministic effects, but how can this distinction be sorted out in the history of reform and how can this conceptual alternative be promoted in practice?

New Phase of Reform - Entrepreneurship and the Future of China

The 13th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

In 2013, the beginning of a new cycle has sparked the imagination of a beautiful China. With the theme of "A New Stage of Reform and Opening-up", the annual conference in Yabuli discussed the future path and ideals of China. Ideas determine the future. Among the beliefs that determine the future, Yabuli Forum emphasized its core: entrepreneurship. The China Entrepreneurs Group wanted to discuss with people from all sectors to reach a broad consensus that "entrepreneurship" is not only the core driving force of past progress, but also of future progress. In times of hesitation and wandering, and at the crossroads of new beginnings, it is especially important to emphasize this core driver.

The Power of Market-20th Anniversary of DENG Xiaoping’s “Southern Tour”

The 12th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

At this event commemorating the "southern tour", the relations between market, government and entrepreneurship
will be the focus of discussion and the focal point of the argument on whether there is a so-called "China model".
What are the main points of Deng Xiaoping's market ideas? What is the logic behind China’s economic success over
the past thirty years? What are the relations between the market and the government? Is entrepreneurship ignored? Is
there a so-called “China model”? In the 20th anniversary of Mr. Deng’s “southern tour”, our scholars and
entrepreneurs will look at the past and future of these questions in their discussions.

New Decade New Thinking New Force

The 11th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The 11th Annual Meeting of the 2011 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum was held in Yabuli, Heilongjiang from February 15th to 17th, 2011 (January 13th-January 15th). The theme of this year's conference is "New Decade, New Thinking, New Power".
A greater pleasure still it is when friends of congenial minds come from afar to seek you because of your attainments. At the 2011 Yabuli Annual Conference, 20 American entrepreneurs from New York will discuss with us the latest business models, science and technology, wealth accumulation and use, and corporate inheritance and many other issues.

Ten-Years of Yabuli: Entrepreneurs Profound

The 10th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

In 2010, the Yabuli Forum passed its first decade, which was also the "golden decade" of the new Chinese economy. The ups and downs and dramatic changes of the past decade are unforgettable. But we must turn our eyes to the future and explore the possibilities of the next decade-where will our country's future develop? What new opportunities will each enterprise face? Everyone has different answers and different expectations in their hearts.

Chinese Enterprises in an Era of Great Changes

The 9th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The international economic downturn in 2008 brought greater risks to the financial situation. The Wall Street storm had a major impact on China's economic and financial situation. CPI, PPI, inflation, and the stock market crash have all become keywords in 2008. The impact of financial policies on the economy is getting bigger and bigger!
What is the impact of the Wall Street storm on Chinese companies? In the face of the continuous injection of funds in the United States and Europe to bail out the market, how can China's financial industry avoid similar crises? The global economy is slowing down, how will China's financial industry develop in the future? How to use the country's current policies to stimulate domestic demand to develop the financial industry and strengthen one's own strength? The state has clarified the policy for SME loan support. How can financial institutions further promote this policy? What role should financial institutions play in China's economic transformation?

30 Years of Reform: Prospects and Thinkings of Chinese Entrepreneurs

The 8th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

China from 1978 to 2008 is the most unlikely to be repeated. In a large country with a population of 1.3 billion, the rigid planned economic system is gradually disintegrating, and a group of reformers have turned China into a huge testing ground. It is transforming into a commercial society in an irreversible manner under public view. China has chosen the right path of reform and opening up, and achieved rapid development in the past three decades, and has made tremendous achievements in various undertakings of opening up to the outside world.
In the 30 years of reform and opening up, what forces have promoted the rapid development of China's economy?
In the next 30 years, what forces will dominate the future of China's economy?
In the course of 30 years, how will China's commercial civilization develop? What are the thoughts of Chinese entrepreneurs and economists on the establishment and development of commercial civilization?

Enterprise and Society

The 7th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

Over nearly two decades of rapid economic development, the Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs have grown up quickly , playing an increasingly important role on the international market. In the course of the constant development of the enterprises, the entrepreneurs have become keenly aware that the enterprises could only develop smoothly in a stable social environment. The strategically concept of a “harmonious society” put forward by Chinese government has ensured a favorable external environment for the rapid growth of the enterprises. At the same time, the stable development of the enterprises will in turn contribute to the building of the harmonious society.

Innovation, Development, Harmony

The 6th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

With over 20 years of reform and opening up, China is enjoying rapid economic development. Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs have all understood that innovation is the impetus for enterprise development, and that only innovation can push enterprises to grow and develop which in turn push forward the construction of a harmonious society.
“A Harmonious Society”is the social development goal put forward by Chinese Government in 2005. The foundation for a harmonious society should be a harmonious economy. The management principles and operational behaviors exert direct influence on the level of harmony in the economic society. Whether an enterprise can shoulder necessary “social responsibility” is the basic difference between “a great enterprise” and “an excellent enterprise”.

Search for a Way for Chinese Enterprises to Last

The 5th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The world will enter the fifth year of the 21st century, and Chinese companies will also go through five years in the 21st century. The China Entrepreneur Forum Annual Conference has also been held for five times. We are fortunate that all participating companies of the China Entrepreneur Forum All are still there and still alive.
The theme of this year's session is: The long-lasting foundation of Chinese enterprises. We will focus on the internal operation and management of Chinese enterprises.

The New Driving Force of Growing Chinese Enterprises

The 4th Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

This annual meeting will invite more than 300 people including well-known Chinese entrepreneurs, academic elites and senior government officials to attend. The theme of the meeting will be "New Power of Chinese Enterprises' Growth", and will focus on "Rising Chinese Enterprises", "Road to Rejuvenation of Northeast China", "Challenges of Management Reform in 2004", and "Growth Strategies in the Context of Internationalization". "City growth and fission" and other hot topics were discussed.

Leadership in a Changing Time

The 3rd Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The third forum was held from February 14 to 17, 2003. With the theme of "Leadership in a Changing Era", Legend Holdings President Liu Chuanzhi gave an in-depth explanation on leadership in a changing era, combined with practice. Zhang Weiying, assistant to the president of Peking University, spoke Leadership did rational thinking and description.

CEOs and the Development of Chinese Enterprises

The 2nd Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The second forum was held from February 25 to 27, 2002. The theme was "CEOs and the Development of Chinese Enterprises", which clarified the position and functions of CEOs. At the same time, it investigated and published "Ten Things Most Concerned by Chinese Entrepreneurs in 2002" event".

New Millenium and New Economy

The 1st Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

The first forum was held from January 10 to 13, 2001. With the theme of "New Millennium, New Economy", Chinese entrepreneurs discussed how to deal with the impact and challenges of globalization; how traditional enterprises can integrate into the new economy; state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, How foreign companies build "rules for mutual benefit"; the risks and opportunities faced by Chinese companies in the next 5 to 10 years are discussed.

Media Partners

Non-forum Speakers (not all guests; in alphabetical order by surname)

Sheng Fu

Chairman and CEO of Cheetah Mobile

Gail Fosler

President of The Gail Fosler Group LLC; Former president and trustee of The Conference Board

Yongqiang Gu

Founder & CEO of Youku

Rupert Hoogewerf

Founder of Hurun Report

Chuanzhi Liu

Honorary Chairman of Legend Holdings, Member of Strategic Committees of the Boards of Directors.

Erfei Liu

Chairman, Merrill, Greater China

Zexiang Li

Professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chairman of Da-Jiang Innovations

Yansong Ma

Co-Founder of MAD Architects

Gensheng Niu

Former President of Inner Mogolia Mengniu Dairy Industry Limited

Tino Zeiske

President of METRO China

Hugues de La Marnierre

Chief Executive Officer, Societe Generale (China) Limited

Zhixun Shen

Chair Professor of Stanford University, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Founding Partner of LDV Partners.

Michael A. Szonyi

Director of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University

Jixiang Shan

Former Dean of the Palace Museum

Hongbin Sun

Chairman and Executive director of Sunac China Holdings limited Board of Directors

Yuzhu Shi

Founder of Shanghai Giant Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

Chuncheng Wang

General manager of China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited

Yan Wang

CEO of Sina

Shaochun Xu

General manager of Kingdee International Software Group Limited

Kai Yu

Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics

Constant Inflat

General Manager of Domaines Vinsmoselle, Founder of Luxembourg Sparkling Wine

Xuhao Zhang

Founder of Ele.me food delivery platform, Chairman of Ele.me

Ruimin Zhang

CEO of Haier

Tong Zhu

President of Deutsche Bank, China

WeiKun Zhou

Chairman, IBM, Greater China

Qinghou Zong

Chairman of Wahaha Group Co.,Ltd

Yong Zhang

Chairman of Haidilao International Holding LTD.

Chaoyang Zhang

Chairman and CEO of Sohu