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A Chinese Davos, A Global Yabuli


Helps a significant amount of newly-developed businesses to grow from strength, in order to make entrepreneurs the determinant power in the process of society development.


Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (Yabuli CEF), founded in 2001, is the optimal platform for exchanges of thoughts.
Yabuli CEF was set up by Mr.Lawrence Y. Tian, Founding Partner of YuanMing Capital;
Mr. Dongsheng Chen, Chairman and CEO of Taikang Group, served as Chairman of Yabuli CEF;
Mr. Mingkang Liu, former Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission, served as the Honorary Chairman of Yabuli CEF from 2013 to 2017;
Mr. Wenzhong Zhang, Chairman of Wumart Group, served as the 2020-2021 Rotating Chairman of Yabuli CEF.
More than 70 famous entrepreneurs are directors of the Yabuli Forum Council.

Director Council

Yabuli CEF formally established the International Development Committee (IDC) and the Department for International Development (DFID) in 2020, to assist in carrying out forum members' international affairs, according to the guidance of ACFIC (the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce) on 'supporting private enterprises to carry out high-level, multi-form and wide-ranging domestic and overseas interchange activities'.

Chaired by Mr. Neil N.P. (Nanpeng) SHEN, Global Steward of Sequoia Capital

IDC is made up of Mr. Adam Keswick, Chairman of Matheson & Co., Limited in London

Mr. Guangchang GUO, Chairman of Fosun Group

Mr. Antony K.C. (Kamchung) LEUNG, Chief Executive Officer of Nan Fung Development Ltd.

Mr. Charles X.J. (Xiaojia) LI, Former Chief Executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Mr. Lawrence Y. (Yuan) TIAN, Founding Partner of YuanMing Capital; Founder and President of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF)

Mr. Yuanqing YANG, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group

Mr. Liping ZHANG, Chairman in Greater China and Senior Managing Director of The Blackstone Group(HK) Limited

and Mr. Wenzhong ZHANG, Chairman of DMALL; Founder of Beijing Wumart Group2021 Rotating Chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

More Details

Forum International Affairs -the Department for International Development (DFID):

Senior Director of International Cooperation:Echo Y.(Yan) Zhang

Director of International Content/Media :Cao Jiayi

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