Entrepreneurs to Increase Investment in Tianjin
Fourteen leading entrepreneurs from the China Entrepreneurs Forum, also known as the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, gathered in North China's Tianjin on April 27 to discuss their investment and development plans in the coastal city.
High-End Dialogue:Neil Shen and Stephen Schwarzma
In this conversation, these two giants of their respective fields discuss everything from China’s economy and the impact of COVID-19 to the core traits an entrepreneur should have and what to look for when hiring.
China Entrepreneur Forum Conference Centre
MAD’s China Entrepreneur Forum Conference Centre Settles Itself into the Mountains of Northeastern China
Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum Members Global Humanitarian Assistance Initiative (GHAI)
The epidemic of COVID-19 escalates across the world. According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University (JHU), by 11:00 a.m. BJT on April 7th, the number of confirmed cases in the world exceeded 1.34 million and more than 70,000 people died. No one should stand by in this battle. General Secretary Xi Jinping also stressed explicitly that mankind is a community with a shared future and it is the most powerful weapon to work as a team in the combat against a foe that jeopardizes the safety of people in all countries.

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