21st Anniversary of Yabuli CEF

2021/06/08 16:00

1【The Youth Forum】Younger Generation Says(TED)
2【Public Topic Forum】How to Solve the Population Problem?

2021/06/08 19:00

Opening Ceremony (Simultaneous Interpretation)

2021/06/08 21:45

【High-End Dialogue】Robin Li: Taking AI to The End

2021/06/09 09:00

1【Social Responsibility Forum】The Power of Enterprise in Rural Revitalisation
2【Celebrity Talk Show】 Li Dongsheng: Breaking “Anti-Globalisation” with “Globalisation”

2021/06/09 10:45

【Science Forum】 How Science Can Better Empower Enterprises(Simultaneous Interpretation)
*Special Forum of "World Top Scientists Forum" of the Yabuli Forum

2021/06/09 13:30

1【Digital Forum】Digital Trends and Challenges
2【Greater Health Forum】 Future innovation trends and opportunities for China
3【Core Technology Forum】The Restriction Problem and Corporate Innovation
4【PE Forum】Let Capital Be a Force for Goodness

2021/06/09 15:00

1【Macroeconomic Forum】Economic Recovery and Inflationary Concerns
2【New Economy Forum】New Economy and New Governance
3【New Consumer Forum】New Consumer Brands, How to Build and How to Live Long?
4【China-Europe Forum】How to Obtain Consumer Preferen

2021/06/09 17:00

Yabuli Night-Investment Cooperation and Exchange Conference of Heilongjiang Province

2021/06/09 20:00

Entrepreneurship in China: Business and Humanity
【Part I】Wang Chuanfu: BYD's Insistence
【Part II】Yu Xuefeng: Fighting the Infectious Disease Virus to The End

2021/06/10 09:00

1【Public Issue Forum】Corporate Action under Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality
2【Education Forum】Internalizing International Education--Special Support: Harvard College China Forum

2021/06/10 10:30

Closing Ceremony

2021/06/08 23:00

Welcome Party for New Directors (2021)

2021/06/09 16:30

Government Symposium & Dinner

2021/05/11 12:00

Closing Address


Yabuli Conference Center, Yabuli Ski Resort, Shangzhi, Harbin, Heilongjiang

Confirmed Speakers

2021 Yabuli Annual Conference Confirmed Attendees
Mingkang LIU Former Honorary President (2013-2018);China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) Former Chairman
Wenzhong ZHANG Chairman of DMALL; Founder of Beijing Wumart Group2021 Rotating Chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum
Dongsheng CHEN Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance group Inc.;Chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF
Lawrence Y.(Yuan) TIAN Founding Partner of YuanMing Capital;Founder and President of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF)
Weiying ZHANG Chief Economist of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum
Qiren ZHOU Professor of National School of Development, Peking University
Yonghao LIU Chairman of New Hope Group
Guangchang GUO Chairman of Fosun Group
Tomson D.S. (Dongsheng) LI Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation
Shi WANG Honorary President of China Vanke CO.,LTD; Chairman of Vanke Public Welfare Foundation
Zhongjun WANG Chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation
Baosen HU Chairman of the Board of Directors of Central China Real Estate Limited
Liguo DING Originator of the Group and Chairman of the Board of Delong group
Lun FENG Chairman of Yufeng (F&E) Capital Holdings Co. , Ltd.
Zimu WANG Chairman and CEO of Huatai Insurance Group Co.Ltd
Michael M.H. (Minghong) YU Chairman of New Oriental Education&Technology Group
Yusuo WANG Founder and Chairman of the Board of ENN Group.
Cunhui NAN Chairman of Chint Group Co., Ltd.
Zhenhua MAO Founder and Chief Economist of China Cheng Xin Credit Management Co., Ltd.
Chuanfu WANG President and Chairman of BYD
Yingxin GAO Chairman of the Board of China Minsheng Bank
Jiren LIU Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Neusoft Group
Ying WU Chairman, Zhongze Jia Meng Investment Co.
Wei WANG Founding President of Allianz M&A Association and Chairman of the Finance Museum
Jianguang LI Partner of IDG Technology Venture Investment
Yue ZHANG Chairman of Broad Group
Yajun WU Chairman of Longfor Properties Co Ltd
Peggy Y. (Yu) YU Chairman of Dangdang
Min ZHAO Chairman and Founder of Adfaith
Ruiguo XUAN Chairman of China Automation Group
Junhao WANG President of Junyao Group Co., Ltd.
Mark J.H (Jiahwan) HAN Chairman of the Board of Global Food (Asia) Limited
Luming AI Chairman of Wuhan Dangdai Science&Technology Industries(Group)Co.Ltd
Edward Q. (Qiang) ZENG Founding Partner of Investment Management Ltd. Beijing Xin root
Linpeng WANG Chairman of Beijing EASYHOME Investment Holding Group Co.,Ltd.
Andy Z. (Zhi) YAN President of Zall Holdings Co.Ltd.
Youbin LENG Chairman of China Feihe
Jianxin CHE Chairman of Red Star Macalline Group Co.,Ltd.
Changning ZHU Board Chairman of Suzhou Grand Investment Group ,INC. (GIG)
Qiqiang HE Chairman of Guangdong Evergreen (Group) Co.
Donghua LIU Founder of Beijing Zhisland Information&Technology Co.,Ltd.
Ming JIANG Founder and Chairman of Tianming
Xianbao CHEN Chairman of Supervisory Board of Beijing ZJS Express Co., Ltd.,
Li HUANG Chairman, Wuhan Gaode Infrared Co.
Hubertus Troska Member of the Board of Directors of Daimler AG, responsible for the Greater China region
Xuefeng YU Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of CanSino Biologics inc.
Lei CHEN Chairman of Pinduoduo
Yichen ZHANG Chairman and CEO of CITIC Capital
Qinan WU Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, New Wind Horizon
Sheng FU Chairman and CEO, Cheetah Mobile
Zeping REN Chief Economist of Soochow Securities
Yuanzheng CAO Chairman of Bank of China International Research Corporation
Lan XUE Dean of Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University
Yang YAO President of National School of Development, Peking University
Kang JIA President, Huaxia Institute of New Supply Economics
Lixin SONG Chairman of Elite Cci Capital Ltd
Zhaonian LIU Vice Chairman, JiuZhouTong Pharmaceutical Group
Fu'an LI Party Secretary and Chairman of Bohai Bank Co.
Dekang GAO Chairman and of Chief Executive Officer Bosideng
Ligang ZHANG Founder, Chairman and CEO of Akcome Group
Qingbin WU Chairman of Zhongtai Trust and Dacheng Fund
Tengjiao LIN Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yango
Yan WANG Head of China, Bridgewater Associates
Jianjun DUAN Chief Operating Officer, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Sales & Service Beijing Ltd.
Yilun CHEN 2020-2021 Rotating Chairman of Yabuli Youth Forum,chairman of PEER Yihengzhiyou
Tiantian LI Founder and Chairman of Clove Garden
Hongmei ZHANG Founder and Chairman of EasyPnP
Xitai (Teger) Sheng Founder of Hongtai Fund
Kai YU Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics
Zhenghua ZHANG Founder and CEO of UnPAY
Xuanle ZHENG Founder and CEO of LightHouse
Tianmu FENG Founder of Stokes
Bo WEI Founder and CEO of Laihua
Ling TANG Founder and Chairman of Xi'an Ziggurat Internet Technology Co.,Ltd
Tian LUO Co-Founder and Chairman of Bojiang Capital
Xiaosong ZENG Partner of Greenwood Invest

Adam Keswick Matheson & Co., Limited
Constant Infalt President and Brand owner of INFALTChangjian JIANG Invited Host to be invited of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum; Associate Professor of Fudan University
Xiangjun KONG Chair Professor and Director of the Institute of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Kaiyuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Chuanjiang LIU Professor, Centre for Population, Resources and Environmental Economics, Wuhan University
Dan ZHU Invited moderator of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum
Yanqing YANG Director of the First Institute of Finance and Economics, Deputy Chief Editor of the First Financial Daily
Qingxu DENG CEO of Sina Finance
Kangwei WANG President of Yufeng Industrial Group
Shitong ZHANG Founder and President of HQKID
Zheng FU Co-Founder of Guangdian Capital
Peichao LIU CEO of DOBOT
Qiang LIN Chairman and CEO of HHSC Capital, Chairman of Hehe Futures
Jing JU Founder and CEO of Chindata Group
Xiaoqin LIU President and Global Executive Director of Farfetch Greater China
Fu ZHAO Co-Founder of InnoVision Capital
Zhenhai CUI Head of Green Finance, Chongyang Institute for Finance Studies, Renmin University


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